Basic Alterations


Choose an option for each to proceed.

Only the basic alteration services are available here. If you want services that are more detailed or extensive, please contact us by email at and give us a detailed explanation of the alteration services you want. Don’t forget to include your phone number.


Slacks/ Pants

No Slack or Pants Alterations, Plain Hem, Cuffed Hem, Faced Hem, Hand Sewn Hem, Waist In or Out, Taper Legs, Replace Zipper


No Skirt or Blouse Alterations, Taper Sides, Shorten, Shorten Plain Sleeves, Add or Remove Darts, Take In Shoulders


No Coat or Blazer Alterations, Taper Sides or Back, Shorten Plain Hem, Shorten Plain Sleeves, Replace Zipper, Taper Sleeves, Add or Remove Shoulder Pads

Dresses/ Skirts

No Dress or Skirt Alterations, Straight Hem, A-Line or Vented Hem, Hand Sewn Hem, Taper Sides, Replace Zipper

Lined Garments

No lining, Lined +$10


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