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Ankhsemble’s Values and Vision

Ankhsemble Brand Strives to return Black Afrikan people to a state of peace and harmony with God/Nature/One’s self. We see the Divinity and value in ourselves and Our Brothas and Sistas. We recognize Afrika as the Birthplace of our Mother’s Mother’s and recognize Her children as our Brothas and Sistas. We value the trinity of the Man, Woman, and Child as the symbols of hope for Our future.

Ankhsemble’s Vision is to be a world known bridge for Brothas and Sistas to transition from a European/Western mindset to that of an Afrikan, where you find the tools you need to move yourself in the right direction, and to be a spiritual safe space.

Ankhsemble and internationally known brand in every home. Ankhsemble will be the go to answer to the daily practices in life. Ankhsemble will be a beacon for people seeking harmony and peace within themselves. When people step into consciousness and decide to exist in a more simplistic and natural state, they will think of Ankhsemble.

Be proud, Be thyself


Join the Team

Internship Objective- a. to prepare the intern to start, own, and operate a successful business through training and field (hands on) experience. b. to train the intern to become a permanent full time member of the Ankhsemble Brand team.

Internship Synapsis-

a. assessment- conducted to find out if the position is a right fit for candidate;

b. application process- which will include, application, background check, confidentiality agreement, non-compete contract, and other possible documents will be required, as well as, valid identification documents;

c. training- training begins after all documents have been secured, 4/hours with a meal included;

d. 6-8 week Internship- internship will began Only after training has been completed, training can be split between 2 days. Internship duration is tentatively, July 24th- Sept 24th, 2022.

e. Performance Evaluation set for September 25th, 2022 to determine promotion.

f. Possible eligibility for Personal Assistant Position, Ankhsemble Team Leader, Ankhsemble Management Team, Ankhsemble Paid Partnership, or Shareholder.

Benefits- This position is a No pay position; however, below is a list of included benefits of this intership; including, but not limited to;

Reimbursements for travel and/or meals

Some free travel and meals

Compensation for approved creative additions

6-8 weeks of priceless instruction and guidance to building your very own business

A six month to one year plan customized to your learning interests

A detailed business plan customized to your specific business interests

Training and experience in business management

Gain intermediate sewing training and experience 

Complete sewing kit with fabric

Attend events for networking purposes

Travel to other cities and countries

Meet other local business entrepreneurs and business owners 

Valuable networking opportunities 

Free items from Ankhsemble Boutique 

Choose from a long list of trades, skills, and methods to become a lucrative business owner

An on call Business Advisors to walk you through the Small Business Administration Started Up process

Your Own Registered Business, Depending on your readiness

Course Schedule

Instructional Hours
(32 Total) + 8
1What do you like to do? What are you good at?1
2Check the industry, do your research.1
2How to price your product or service.2
4Business Plan (Basic)3
10Business Plan (Detailed)3
1Business Name4
2Registering 5
4Licencing 5
4Administration (Documents and Paperwork 6
8Your Choice 7-8

*Interns will be required to give 2 hours to operations of Ankhsemble Brand for each 1 hour of instructional learning. For example, in order to take the first course, “What do you like to do? What are you good at?” which gives you 1 instructional hour of learning, you would had to have invested 2 hours into operations. To take the ”Your Choice” course, you would have had to take all the preceding courses and complete the required hours, as well as, give 16 hours of investments to Ankhsemble Brand.

If this interests you and you know you are a great fit to join the team, or you want an opportunity to move further in your career, contact us at , send your resume and application.

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