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Are you interested in starting your own business, fashion design & sewing, crystals and metaphysics, spiritually? Do you want an experienced advisor to guide you through the process, while gaining firsthand experience in the world of Business Management and Entrepreneurs.

Email your resume and application to Re: Ankhsemble Internship

Ankhsemble is a variety brand that encompasses the many talents and skills of the Nkosazana Nanyamka Ayobunmi; Licensed Cosmetologist, Spiritualist, and entrepreneur.  Ankhsemble is a one stop shop for all your needs from beauty to metaphysical and spiritual tools. Offering the best prices and customer service for what you want, made your way, right here in one place. Ankhsemble includes fashion, beauty, spirituality, and so much more.
Nkosazana is a self-proclaimed Gatekeeper for Brothas and Sistas who,  hear the calling from the Ancestors (or from their inner self) to connect with their higher-self, who live a life filled with Inner Peace, and who want to ascend to exist on a higher frequency.  


Location- In and around Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia; Work Site PG Maryland, remotely from home 

Requirements and qualifications- must have your own transportation

Be willing to travel (in and out of state/country); must have access to a passport 

Be a good listener and know how to take and execute instructions

Be computer literate, and social media literate 

Be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement

Submit an application and background check

4 hour training session prior to beginning responsibilities 

Be willing to commit at least 16 hours per week in person if necessary

Be willing to do some late nights 

21 and over



Duties-including but not limited to;

Customer service; Events and appearances, Scheduling appointments

Fashion design; Sewing and repairing garments

Social media; Posting, Returning messages; Inventory, Posting 

Schedule & Duration 

Schedule is flexible and you can make your own hours. 

Roughly 8 hours during the weekdays and eight hours over the Saturday and or Sunday

Duration is 6-8 weeks. Room for advancement in the company after intership is completed

Start date- January 1st, 2022


This position is a No pay position

Reimbursements for travel and/or meals

Some free travel and meals

Compensation for approved creative additions

6-8 weeks of priceless instruction and guidance to building your very own business

A six month to one year plan customized to your learning interests

A detailed business plan customized to your specific business interests

Training and experience in business management

Gain intermediate sewing training and experience

Complete sewing kit with fabric

Attend events for networking purposes

Travel to other cities and countries

Meet other local business entrepreneurs and business owners

Valuable networking opportunities

Free items from Ankhsemble Boutique

Choose from a long list of trades, skills, and methods to become a lucrative business owner

An on call Business Advisors to walk you through the Small Business Administration Started Up process

Your Own Registered Business, Depending on your readiness

Additional Information-

*After internship and performance evaluation is complete, there will be opportunity for possible promotions, as well as, opportunity to learn about other industries, for example metaphysical, stones and crystals, and cosmetology.

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