Alterations Price List

needles placed near cloth and skein of thread
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Plain Hem $15

Cuffed Hem $15

Faced Hem $20

Hand Sewn $30

Waist/ Seat in or out $20

Seat only $12

Crotch $18

Taper Legs $20

Lower Waistband $25

Add/ Remove Pleats $40

Replace Zipper $25

Replace Full Lining $100

Replace Half Lining $75

Add Belt loops $20

Make and Add Belt Loops $30


Taper Sides $15

Shorten $15

Shorten Plain Sleeves $15

Cuffed/ Vented Sleeves $20

Add/ Remove Darts $15

Take up Shoulders
(no sleeves or collar) $15

Add bra carriers $10

Coats/ Blazers

Taper Sides or Back $20

Raise/ Lower Collar $45

Shorten Plain Hem $30

Shorten Plain Sleeves $15

Shorten Vented Sleeves $20

Replace Zipper $30+

Replace Full Lining $100

Replace Partial Lining $75

Taper Sleeves $20

Add or Remove Shoulder Pads $15


Straight Hem $15

A-Line or Vented Hem $25

Full or Pleated Hem or full per layer $30

Chiffon Hem $25

Handkerchief Hem, per layer $30

Hand Sewn Hem $40

Taper Sides $20

Lower Waistband $25

Replace Zipper $20

Tape Neckline $15-30

Replace lining $40

Bridal/ Formal Dresses

(See skirt prices above)

Shorten from Waist (front) $40

Hem with Horsehair +$15

Add Gussets $40+fabric

Alter Laced Seam $20-$50

Alter Beaded seam Seams with Boning $20-70

Add Bra Cups $20

Overbust $15/point

Underbust $20/point

*Add $10 per garment or seam if lined

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