Children’s Consultations

Nubian princesses existing with the ingrained knowledge that they are perfect as is, and knowing it is just as important to nourish their minds, body, and spirit is our goal.

Hairstyling & Maintenance

Common Topics

  • Proper shampooing and hair hygiene
  • understanding your hair
  • “No Tears Methods”
  • Products for your hair type
  • Styling
  • Healthy Hair Plan

You will recieve : 1 Healthy Hair Plan, Homemade Organic Hair Oil, Hair Exam w/massage, 10% off coupon

Appropriate for ages 18mo- 16 years old

Beauty & Hygiene

Common Topics

  • Self-care and Hygiene
  • age/melanin appropriate beauty enhancements
  • our presentation to the world
  • DIY homemade beauty products

You will recieve: Beauty & Hygiene Plan, DIY Beauty Product (crash course), 10% off coupon, gift bag or beauty gift

Appropriate for ages 7-16 years old


Common Topics

  • This option allows you the parent to discuss topics and concerns of your choice.

You will recieve: A general plan, 1 Homemade Organic Product or DIY Beauty (crash course), 10% off, a free gift

Appropriate for ages 18mo-16 years old

Queens in Training

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