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Ankhsemble’s focus is providing custom bespoke garments ensembles for men, women, and children. Specializing in African printed fabrics, we offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Nkosazana will work with you to bring your ideas to life.
Contrary to some beliefs, a garment constructed from raw fabric is not just something you can get from anywhere. In fact, a custom made garment constructed by Ankhsemble is a unique one of a kind piece. We do not make our custom garments with twins or in multiples. You will not find anyone walking with the same exact garment as you.

First time purchasing a custom made garment…? Here is what to expect.

A professional tailor

-discuss design plans with you

-show you a sketch

-take or request measurements

-fit the garment at least 2 times before the garment is completed

-provide a clean professional garment that is constructed to the ramifications of the client, while offering the most accurate fit, that will not give with the normal stretch and movements of the body.

man in white dress shirt sitting in front of a sewing machine


Providing your own measurements is not recommended unless they will be acquired by someone with expert knowledge in sewing. Ankhsemble is not responsible for error resulting from providing your own measurements, even if they are taken by an expert. Take a moment to read our policy HERE.

Ankhsemble Measurements, coming soon. Ankhsemble does not own the image below

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