Custom Natural Stone Pendulums


Build your own Pendulums.  Choose your Pendulum Stone, Handle Stone, and chain to fit your needs.

Send us an email, if you don’t see the stone or crystal of your choice above.


Clear Quartz & Tree Agate
Clear Quartz Point & Tree Agate
Weight N/A

7-Chakra Stones, Amethyst (Bead), Amethyst (Point), Apache Tears, Citrine (bead), Large-Clear Quartz Points, Med- Clear Quartz Points, Small- Clear Quartz Points

Pendulum Handle Stones

Agate Blue Lace Bead, Amethyst Tiny Chip beads, Black Tourmaline (Bead), Blue Laced Agate Beads, Calcite Green small, Calcite Optical raw, Carnelian Beads Small, Carnelian chip beads Tiny, Clear Crystal Quartz, Clear Quartz Crystal Tiny Beads, Emerald beads Tiny, Hematite Beads small, Jasper (BRECCIATED) small, Lapis Lazuli Beads small, Moonstone Beads small, Obsidian, Onyx (BLK) beads small, Peridot Tiny oval beads, Rhodonite Bead, Rose Quartz (Tiny Beads), Tiger’s eye stone, Turquoise (Large bead), Turquoise (Tiny Bead)

Chain Color

Copper, Gold Color, Silver Color

Chain Length

10in, 7in


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