Organizing Services/ Closet Makeover


Specializing in closets & clothing; Workrooms; hobby rearranging ; Office & Business organizing.

We organize your areas, rearrange the area for maximum usage, implement space saving techniques, offer clean surfaces (everything has a place), gather and group items to be junked, donated, and sold, and lastly facilitate the removal or donation of items.

Cleaning service are not included in price.  Sweeping, dry dusting, and disinfecting can be added.  Areas should be cleaned by sweeping and light dusting prior to services.  We might request to sweep or dust for our comfort for no charge to you. If any areas we are given access to work in has too many allergens, is deemed unsafe, or is deemed unexceptable working conditions we will decline services.


$105 for 3/hrs, $210 for 6/hrs, $245 for 7hrs, $1100 a week


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