Why I Don’t Practice Non-Consensual Divination

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Non-consensual divination refers to the practice of attempting to obtain information or insights about a person without their consent or knowledge. This can be done through various methods such as reading someone’s energy, using tarot cards, or casting spells. It is considered unethical and invasive, as it violates a person’s privacy and autonomy. Non-consensual divination is often seen as a form of manipulation and can have negative consequences for both the person being divined upon and the practitioner. In some cases, it may also be seen as a violation of spiritual or religious beliefs.

Why Non-Consensual Divination is Wrong

1. Respect others’ privacy: Reading someone’s spiritual energy without their permission is a violation of their privacy. Just as we wouldn’t want someone invading our personal space or reading our private thoughts, we should respect others’ boundaries and not intrude on their spiritual energy without their consent.

2. It can be intrusive: Reading someone else’s spiritual energy without their permission can be intrusive and invasive. This can make the person feel uncomfortable and violated, especially if they are not used to sharing their spiritual energy with others.

3. It can be inaccurate: Every individual’s spiritual energy is unique and constantly changing. Without proper training and permission, it is easy to misinterpret or misread someone’s energy. This can lead to misunderstandings and false assumptions about the person’s spiritual state.

4. It can be emotionally draining: Reading someone’s spiritual energy without their permission can be emotionally draining for both parties. The person whose energy is being read may feel vulnerable and exposed, while the reader may absorb negative or heavy energy that can affect their well-being.

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5. It can be manipulative: Some people may use their ability to read spiritual energy as a means of manipulating others. Without their permission, the reader may use the information they gather to control or influence the person, which goes against the principles of ethical and respectful spiritual practices.

6. It can be harmful: Reading someone’s spiritual energy without their permission can be harmful, especially if the reader is not trained or experienced in handling such sensitive information. It can lead to misinterpretation, causing harm to the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

7. It goes against consent: Just as we need consent in any physical or emotional interaction, we should also seek permission before reading someone’s spiritual energy. Without their consent, we are violating their boundaries and trust, which can have negative consequences on the relationship.

8. It can damage the connection: The act of reading someone’s spiritual energy without their permission can damage the connection between the reader and the person. It can create a sense of distrust and discomfort, making it difficult for the person to open up and share their energy in the future.

9. It can be unethical: In many spiritual traditions, it is considered unethical to read someone’s energy without their permission. It goes against the principles of respecting others and their autonomy, and it goes against the concept of free will.

10. It is important to set boundaries: Just as we would expect others to respect our boundaries, we should also respect theirs. Reading someone’s spiritual energy without their permission is a violation of boundaries and can damage the trust and respect in the relationship. It is essential to set clear boundaries and seek permission before engaging in any form of spiritual energy reading.

11. It can interfere with Karma: Reading someone’s energy without permission can give you insight to someone’s life that they might not be aware of. Divination reveals positive and negative information. Finding unwanted information and revealing it can cause people to act or respond differently and possibly affect life lessons.

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