What is a Spiritualist?

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Google gives its own definition of Spiritualist that leans on contact with the dead. Here at Ankhsemble we honor the title spiritualist, using our understanding of the word Spiritualist. We explain below.

A Spiritualist is a person who practices spirituality. Spiritualist view life from a standpoint beyond the limitations of religion to connect with a higher power. This can be from spirit communication (ancestor, diety (reverence) to a connection with nature or any of its resources. A spiritualist is a person who studies(practices) spirit and/or forms of spirituality. Just as a biologist studies living organisms. Spiritualist’s studies may or may not include mystic and occult knowledge like tarot, Numerology, Astrology, etc. More likely the Spiritualists chooses to study and gain knowledge in spirituality of one’s own culture; it is not uncommon for us to study and practices of cultures that are not our own. Spirituality is not linear, so there is no one way to describe a spiritualist. You might be a spiritualist and don’t know it. Here are a few types.

First and Foremost

Afrikan Spirituality (not to be confused with other ancient and historical religious forms of African Spirituality like Voodun, Ifa, etc.) is the study and practice of spirituality with a foundation in African roots. Afrikan Spiritualists practice Ancestral Reverence, Root Work and Hoodoo, Herbalist, Holistic Lifestyles, and being at harmony with the earth. Afrikan Spiritualist include mathematics, other cultures practices, etc.: or not. Spirituality and religion is different, in the fact that spirituality and spiritual practices are not always governed. The open nature of spirituality leaves much to be explored. Approach spirituality with respect, reverence, knowledge, and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Do not get into these “Spiritual Streets” and “F around and find out”.

Spirit Communication

Spiritualists are people who believe in the power of spirit communication. Ancestor Reverence is widely practiced among Afrikan Spiritualist who live in the US. We believe that the soul of the dead can communicate with the living, and that this communication can help bring protection, understanding, and healing into the lives of those who are still in the physical form.

Spiritualists are often associated with mediumship, which is the practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead. Mediums act as a bridge between the living and the dead, enabling the dead to pass on messages and advice to those who are still living.

Spiritualists have a variety of beliefs, including some who believe in the power of prayer, and others who believe that the power of spirits can help to guide us through difficult times in our lives.


Spiritualists also believe in the power of healing, and that the energy of spirit can be used to help heal physical and emotional pain. Spiritualists often study and/or practice energy healing techniques such as The Laying of Hands/Reiki, Pranic Healing (which involve using energy to balance and heal the body), and/or other tried, historic/ancient, or divinely received (message from a higher source)healing techniques. These techniques bring about change and desired results. Spiritualists also often believe in the power of herbs, the power of words/intentions, crystals, and other metaphysical tools to help direct and channel energy in a positive way.

The Spirit Realm

Spiritualists also often have a strong interest in the paranormal and the unknown, and are often drawn to exploring and understanding the different realms of the spirit world. They may even believe in the power of astral projection, which is the practice of traveling outside of one’s body to explore other realms.


Spiritualists often have a strong connection to nature and the environment, and many believe in the power of the natural world to help us heal and grow. Spiritualist believe that anything from nature comes from God. Being in nature and close to it, understanding and respecting nature, becoming one with nature, all strengths your relationship/ connection with and gets you closer to God. Maybe it’s QI Gong, meditation, or yoga. A spiritualist will often seek to bring balance into their lives by living in harmony with the natural world.

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In Conclusion

Overall, Spiritualists are people who believe in the power of spirit communication and the potential for healing and growth through connecting with the spirit world and God. They often have a strong connection to nature and the environment, and practice various healing techniques in order to bring balance into their lives.

Spiritualist(s) as well as spirituality is a complex and often misunderstood topic, but it can be seen as an attempt to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Ultimately, the validity of spirit is up to each individual to decide, but it is clear that it is a long-standing belief system that has influenced many people throughout history.

What is your definition of a spiritualist? Comment Below.

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