Nkosazana, in the original Ankhsemble Boutique; holding a Selenite wand to her crown Chakra. 5/21

Spiritual connection – Highest Vibrations – Christ Consciousness


This crystal will absorb and dispel all the negative energy around it in order to create a peaceful space of calming energy. So, grab a slab and enjoy the positive energies that Selenite has to offer.


Selenite is a must have in every home or office. The white and translucent Selenite is one of the loveliest and most elegant crystals in the world. It’s comes from the Greek goddess of the moon; Selene.

Nkosazana holding a Selenite Wand in the Ankhsemble Boutique. 6/21

Selenite is great when there are a lot of things going on in your head as it helps your mind get peaceful and clear. It can also help you to balance and calm your body as well as your emotions. The stone protects you from outside influences, evoking protection from your angels and the angelic realm. Let the energies of this crystal wash your aura anew. It removes blockages in your energy fields and get rid of the dysfunctional energies from your body. The more you cleanse your aura, the more negative energies you will remove and the more positive love vibrations will be attracted to you.

This crystal is one of the few crystals you can use to cleanse other crystals and NOT have to cleanse it after.

A selenite plate cleansing black tourmaline, black obsidian, and chrysocolla, in Ankhsembles’ collection.

Selenite, a crystallized calcium sulphate mineral that can function: as an energetic healing tool. Selenite in its simplest expression is, a transparent variety of Gypsum. 

Selenite looks to be white light, in its purest form.

Here is a little tip: I leave a selenite crystal in every room of my home, and every entryway.

A selenite slab, in Ankhsembles’ collection.

Tell us about your relationship with selenite.

Which energies do you feel when selenite is in your presence?

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