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Nkosazana’s Box (Pandora’s Box)

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This blog and website is a conglomeration of the life and talents of Nkosazana Nanyamka Ayobunmi. This queens’ life story is nothing short of a Box Office Movie, and will be exclusively shared here on this platform. Personal stories and experiences will be shared here uncut and unedited. Names, dates, and hot piping tea will be poured here with every memoire post, you don’t want to miss an article.

This blog will allow you to get to know Nkosazana on a deeper level and walk you through the experiences that made her the goddess (in her own right) while learning and growing spirItually. Nkosazana takes time to share her knowledge on life, spirituality, relationships, self-healing, and being a black Afrikan Herbalist Libra-Scorpio Psychic Manglik Empath Mother with the spirit of a hustler, who is a book nerd. From being married to an unfaithful Pastor/Apostle and being the First Lady of a church and ministry, to private dancing, motherhood, to poly experiences, and being molested as a child, to how she grew into the Rebel Goddess she is today, she is holding nothing back.

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Not only will you get your entertainment you will learn too. Nkosazana shares her extensive knowledge on all subject from stones and crystals, to creating your own cosmetic products, healing yourself, haircare and maintenance, and any and everything Blackity Black, Black, BLACK.

This blog is not for the politically correct, the people who take words too literally (they can’t see or feel the message, they can only comprehend what is right on front of them), the editors (because these articles are not concerned with grammar), or the people too holy and self-righteousness to bring up their littered past. If you are not into ghetto-isums, duality in life, ebonics, Hoodoo, “Voodoo”, cusing, and some down right ratchetness, this is not the blog for you. Feel free to read it anyway.

Nkosazana in Ocho Rio Jamaica, 2022

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