Pyrite (Egg)


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Pyrite is the stone of abundance and good fortune. Fertility is a big theme with this stone.

Origin- Peru

Are you looking for a powerful and versatile crystal to add to your spiritual practices? Look no further than the pyrite egg crystal. With its stunning golden luster and unique egg shape, this crystal not only adds beauty to your collection but also brings a multitude of benefits to your spiritual journey. Known as the “fool’s gold,” pyrite is believed to radiate positive energy and attract abundance in all aspects of life. Its egg shape symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, making it the perfect crystal for those seeking to let go of the past and embrace new opportunities. When used in meditation, pyrite egg can help you tap into your intuition and gain clarity on your life’s path. It also promotes confidence and self-worth, allowing you to release any self-doubt and step into your full potential.  Add a pyrite egg crystal to your spiritual arsenal and watch as it enhances your life spiritually, bringing abundance, clarity, and self-empowerment.

Weight 3.30 oz
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.1 × 1.1 in


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