Fluorite Rainbow (Octahedron)


Fluorite is a powerful crystal that is known for its ability to spiritually benefit our lives. This beautiful gemstone is believed to have a strong connection with the mind and soul, making it an ideal crystal for spiritual growth and transformation. When used in meditation or placed in your living space, fluorite is said to promote mental clarity, focus, and enhance intuition. It also helps to remove negative energies and emotions, allowing for a more positive and peaceful state of mind. Additionally, fluorite is believed to balance the chakras and promote spiritual balance and harmony. It is a stone of protection and is said to shield us from psychic attacks and negative influences. By incorporating fluorite into our spiritual practices, we can experience a deeper connection with ourselves and the spiritual realm, leading to a more fulfilling and enlightened life.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 1.25 in
Octahedron Size

Sm, Med, Lrg, XL


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