Pic of the Day- Nko in White

Pic of the Day- Nko in White

I am known to wear all white ensembles, especially in the warmer months. 

I love how clean and basic an all white outfit is. 

When I wear all white, I feel a regal energy radiating from me. I’m more calmer than usual and aware of my surroundings. 

And I go by the rule: If you try not to get a stain, you Will get a stain. So don’t be afraid to wear all white. You’d be surprised at how clean you keep your outfit without thinking about it.

People’s feelings about wearing all white depends on the individual and the context in which they are wearing it. Some people may feel elegant and sophisticated, like me, as white is associated with purity and cleanliness. Others may feel self-conscious or anxious about keeping the white clothes clean and stain-free. Some may feel confident and stylish, like me, lol, while others may feel uncomfortable or out of their comfort zone.

The temperature and weather can also play a role in how people feel wearing all white, as white clothing may not be practical in certain environments. Ultimately, people’s feelings about wearing all white may be influenced by their personal preferences, cultural norms, and the specific occasion or event.

Check out this basic tube dress I got from Rainbow. I paired it with a pair of thick strap and heel sandals, and a few Jewels from Ankhsemble.com/shop.

Do you wear white often?

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