New Edition Performance + Bobby Brown New Years 2023

New Edition Performance + Bobby Brown New Years 2023

The whole crew was there; Johnny Gill (DC STAND UP), Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike. Our beloved New Edition performed in New York City’s Annual New Year’s 2023 Celebration in Times Square. I was entertained and impressed. I haven’t seen the whole of New Edition perform together in a long time. Maybe I haven’t.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Bobby Brown. I was getting flashbacks. I just knew he was going to get hot and come up out that smirf blue on (kid who turned into the blueberry on Willy Wonka) blue wool coat, hat, and turtleneck. Bobby normally would have been sweating, out of breath, and humpping by now; mouth twisting and his belly would be hanging out, winded. I have always enjoyed seeing Bobby perform (even in that condition), because I can see how much performing means to him and how happy it makes him.

I was waiting patiently for the hump. Spoiler alert He didn’t hump. Although the Bobby portion was free from entertaining crackhead behavior, Bobby impressed me. He kept up with the dance moves. He was really looking like a new Bobby out there (in comparision). This performance shows, he will be out here getting his bag in the near future. The stage was always waiting for you, Bobby.

DC Johnny started us off with his hit Rub You the Right Way. Then Mr. My Perorgative himself perfomed the title hit. I love to see Bobby perform, humping out of breath with sweat or not. I will pay to see him perform like he performed on this night (I would paid to see hump Bobby too).

I was excited singing and dancing along with them. Then the camera view panned around to the crowd. Lmao. The crowd was dancing along too, just not on beat. The crowd had no idea the magnitude of Black Excellence pausating from that stage. I’m sure the men were up there lip syncing, but they sounded great. I got a better experience out of the song because it was prerecorded and sung the right way.

Next, BBD was reminding us to never trust a big butt and a smile, that girl is Poison. They still had the moves. Toward the end of the show, Ralph asked us, If it Isn’t Love? By the second verse, I kept looking over at my Boo Bobby to check and see if he was alright. He was still steppin, and I couldn’t help but to think, “I know they wanted to come up out of those hot ass hats and coats”. Bobby stayed on beat.

Ralph is rocking some type of pointed Quartz. Looks polished. I see you Ralph!

They have a tour coming up in March 2023 with Guy.

To Mr. Brown, you looked great out there. I am happy to see you healthy and doing the thing that brings you joy. You can still command any stage you step on. “BOBBY I LOVE YOUUUUUU”

How did they do compared to what you expected? Who is your favorite New Edition Member? What’s your favorite New Edition song?

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