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Cuspian is a term used to describe someone born on the cusp, which refers to the transition point between two zodiac signs. When someone is born on a cusp, their birthday falls within a few days of the changeover between two signs. People born on the cusp are often seen as having characteristics of both signs, blending the traits and qualities of the neighboring zodiac signs. These unique people might exhibit qualities of both sides. This can bring about a combination of personality traits and influences in their lives.

For example, if someone is born on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, they might exhibit qualities of both signs. As a result, a Cuspian born in this period might possess a combination of these characteristics, resulting in a dynamic and interesting personality; different from the average Aries or Taurus. It’s important to note that being born on the cusp doesn’t necessarily mean that an individual has the traits of both signs in equal measure. The influence of each sign may vary depending on the individual and other factors in their birth chart.

If you believe you are a Cuspian, and want to explore your birth chart, consult with an astrologer or get a basic look into your chart with Nkosazana. We can provide deeper insights into your unique personality traits and how the different influences may manifest in your life.

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Did you enjoy this post?

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