Business Mogul and Rapper Sean “p diddy” Combs lawsuit with girlfriend Casandra “Cassy” Ventura

Casandra “Cassy” Ventura sues Sean “p shiddy” Combs for Sexual Assault, Rape, and other Horrible acts.


Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is one of the most successful and influential figures in the music industry. As a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur, he has achieved immense success in the business world, and is widely admired as an inspirational role model for many. However, Combs found himself in the headlines for another reason—a lawsuit involving his former girlfriend, Cassandra “Cassy” Ventura. The case, which has since been settled, has been a fascinating story for onlookers, and this article will take a deep dive into the legal battle between Combs and Ventura.

Background of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit between Combs and Ventura began in June 2018, when Ventura filed a lawsuit against the rapper in Los Angeles Superior Court. In her suit, Ventura accused Combs of “intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery, false imprisonment, and negligence”. Ventura claimed that Combs had subjected her to a “relentless pattern of abuse” and had “subjected her to a hostile home environment”. In addition, Ventura claimed that Combs had attempted to control her movements and had forced her to sleep in a separate bedroom, which she believed was a result of Combs’ “jealousy and possessiveness”. Ventura and Combs were in a relationship for around ten years. Venture reported that she and Combs were both involved in (separate) relationships, when he used his status as her boss to create instances for them to be together.

According to reports, on one night, Combs got into an argument with Ventura at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. After the argument, Combs allegedly forced Ventura into a car, slapped her face three times, and choked her. Ventura later filed a lawsuit against Combs, citing the Adult Survivors Act, which provides legal protection to victims of physical and emotional abuse.

Details of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit between Combs and Ventura quickly received a great deal of media attention, as the allegations made by Ventura were particularly serious. Combs, through his lawyers, denied all of Ventura’s claims and argued that the lawsuit was “completely without merit”. Combs alleged that Ventura’s allegations were false and were part of an attempt to “extort” him.


The lawsuit between Combs and Ventura was eventually settled out of court in Nov 2023. While the terms of the settlement remain confidential, both parties issued statements in which they expressed their “mutual respect” for one another. Combs’ statement also emphasized that Ventura’s allegations were “completely false”.

As of Friday, Nov. 24th, 2023, Sean “P Diddy” Combs has been hit with his third lawsuit, under the Adult Survivor’s Act past this year. The most recent being reports a lawsuit for revenge porn that was alleged to happened in 1991. A woman is suing Combs and former co-worker, R&B artist, Aaron Hall. The woman claims she was drugged then was coerced to have sex with Combs, and did not know she was being videotaped. She reported that once Combs was done with her he allowed Hall to come in and Hall proceeded to rape her as Combs watched. Days following was a nightmare for her because she learned through a male friend that Combs shared the video of her to dozens of other people. Combs then came to her home and threatened her when he found out she defended herself to others, by saying he never had permission to tape her.


The lawsuits between Combs and the victims of his horrible actions are an example of how celebrities are often allowed to capitalize on their fame and notoriety by hurting others. While the outcome of the litigation remains confidential, it is clear that Combs was able to successfully defend himself against Ventura’s allegations and didn’t have to see a judge. But we all see now. We can’t unsee this and this confirms everything that we thought about P Shitty and how evil he really is. At least I knew he was trash. The case also serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship between partners and with yourself.


The lawsuit between Combs and Ventura was a high-profile case that received a great deal of media attention. Ultimately, the case was settled out of court and the terms remain confidential. If you are in a violent relationship, please leave. Abuse has many faces and can come from people other than your sexual partners. It can be a boss or co-worker, neighbor, or parent. Speak up for yourself, even if it means getting help or support.

Women are far too often in abusive relationships. Research shows that one in three women in the United States have experienced physical or sexual abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime. This number is even higher for women of color and other marginalized communities. Abusive relationships can take many forms, such as physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Women in these relationships frequently experience fear, anxiety, and depression. They can become isolated, have low self-esteem, and be unable to access economic resources. It is essential for women to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship, seek help, and know that they are not alone. It is also important to remember that anyone can be in an abusive relationship, and that it is never the victim’s fault. Help is available, and it is important to reach out and get the support you need.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a helpline for women in abusive relationships. The number is (800) 799-7233. You can also chat online with a trained advocate at

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If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, what should you do?

1. Reach out to family, friends, and/or a support network for help.

2. Develop a safety plan to help you prepare for any potential danger.

3. Document any abuse with photos, journal entries, and/or medical records.

4. Build a financial safety net by saving money, creating a budget, and/or seeking assistance from local resources.

5. Seek professional help from a domestic violence counselor, therapist, or social worker.

6. Know your rights and local laws that protect victims of abuse.

7. Develop a list of emergency contacts in case of an emergency.

8. Consider carrying a personal alarm or self-defense weapon.

9. If possible, move to a safer location.

10. Be aware of the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

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