Why I Don’t Do Unrequited Love Work

Spiritual No No’s- Unrequited Love Work

You can’t make a person love you or treat you right. I will not ever try to force someone to be with me. I would rather focus on building my self-esteem and self-love. Some people look at this different and want to manipulate other’s energy to their own desires. 

Unrequited love is a type of romantic or emotional attachment where one person has strong feelings for another person, but those feelings are not reciprocated. It is a one-sided love, where the person who is in love may feel hurt, rejected, or disappointed because their feelings are not returned by the other person. This can cause emotional pain and distress for the person experiencing unrequited love.

As a Spiritual Practicitioner, I have been asked to do work to promote love. I understand the potential consequences. Love spells can have a powerful effect on the person they are cast on. It is ethical to manipulate someone’s feelings without their knowledge or consent. Instead, I politely decline the request. With permission, I briefly educate the person to help them understand that true love cannot be forced or manipulated and offer methods can help attract love in a more natural and ethical way.

If you choose to practice or participate in Unrequited Love Work as the practitioner or the client, these are some of the potential consequences:

1. Negative effects on the caster: A love work backfiring can have negative consequences on the practitioner. They may experience guilt, regret, or even face legal consequences if the work was used to manipulate someone against their will.

2. Damage to relationships: Love work that backfired can also damage the relationships involved. If the work was intended to make someone fall in love, it can create resentment and mistrust when the truth is revealed. Which is the opposite of what the client wanted.

3. Unintended targets: Love work can be unpredictable and may affect unintended targets. This can lead to complications and conflicts if the work was done on someone who is already in a committed relationship.

4. Emotional distress: Love work can also cause emotional distress and turmoil for the practitioner, client, and the target. The target may experience confusion, anxiety, or even fear if they feel their emotions are being manipulated.

5. Reversal of effects: In some cases, a love work backfiring can cause the opposite effect, where the target develops negative feelings towards the client. This can lead to a complete breakdown of the relationship or friendship.

6. Karma: In the concept of karma, any negative actions or intentions can result in negative consequences for the person responsible. Spiritual work backfiring may bring negative karma to all involved.

7. Loss of personal power: Love work is often seen as a form of manipulation and can result in a loss of personal power and control. This can lead to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.

8. It may not work at all: In some cases, a love work may backfire by not working at all. This can be disappointing and frustrating for the practitioner, especially if they had strong feelings and intentions behind the work.

9. Difficulty in undoing the work: If a love work backfires, it may be difficult to remove or reverse the effects. This can lead to long-term consequences and complications in the relationship or the clients’ life.

In Conclusion

All in all. If you are considering spiritual work to make someone like, love, or treat you right, and they do not want the same; you should reevaluate the way you like, love, and treat yourself. 

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Have you ever experienced love or lust so deep you did not care if the person loved you?

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