Aroma Oil


Pure Aroma Oil

10 ml
For Aroma Diffuser
For external use only
Not for skin application

Frankincense- stimulating and elevating to the mind
Madagascar Vanilla – helps to create a feeling of relaxation and peace, induces a calm and meditative state
Pure Sandalwood- one of the most nostalgic fragrances effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress
Fresh Mint- cooling sensation has a calming effect
California White Sage- gives a positive boost to close spaces, neutralizes smoke and other odors
Peruvian Palo Santo- inspires creativity bringing love and good fortune
Pure Patchouli- grounding balancing effect on emotions


Frankincense, Madagascar Vanilla, Pure Sandalwood, Fresh Mint, California White Sage, Peruvian Palo Santo, Pure Patchouli


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