How Being a Libra Gets Me Into Trouble 

As a Libra, my go-to is peace.  True to Venus, I’m not into confrontation (for no good reason).  But let us not forget I am a Scorpio Cuspian with some interesting placements on my birth chart which affects how I handle confrontations big or small.  Born October 20th, the Libra side of me is always shinning, and balance is indeed an ever present theme in my life.  The trouble is when the planets Mars and Pluto are present.  Let’s talk about it.

To be clear, for me, a confrontation does not necessarily mean an argument nor fight.  For the sake of making my point, in this article confrontation will be defined as: any exchange of words between two or more people, in which either person could perceive as uncomfortable, embarrassing, hurtful, etc. Basically: to pull your card, put you in your place, speak up for oneself, let you know you are wrong, etc.  To confront someone is to face them with some type of challenge.  Today we are able to confront one another electronically.  Gone is the time you were anchored to the wall by a cord, or forced to stay home if you wanted to call someone or be called, and thank God for the person who invented call-waiting.

Venus Energy

There are 12 original zodiac signs.  Each sign has a planet that rules or governs the energy of that sign.  The planet that rules over the energy of and gives its energy to the zodiac sign Libra is Venus (Venus also rules over Taurus).  Venus is the planet of finance and relationships (in short); this includes our own desires, love, beauty, luxury, money (all aspects of our own and other people’s money in relation to us).  All Venusian’s want is to lounge around, be at peace, and be feed grapes in a beautiful place.  We don’t care for bickering. We will say what we need to say to get back to glee and the finer things in life.

The Typical Libra Energy

Libras(Masculine, Air, Cardinal), the diplomatic and harmony-seeking sign of the zodiac.  When Libras feel their needs are not being met, they are known to sometimes get passive-aggressive.  Libras teeter mentally between being “nice” and saying what is really on their minds, between light and darkness, and between the virgin/mother and the succubus/scorpion.  Typically socially conscious, a Libra can sugarcoat truths if they believe a direct confrontation could disrupt the peace and make them look bad socially.  A Libra’s passive-aggressive behavior may manifest as gossip(specifically, speaking on an issue to someone other the person they have the issue with), blunt or sarcastic remarks, backhanded compliments, an icy silence or plain ghosting(I’m guilty of this) – all veiled attempts to convey displeasure without directly addressing the issue.  The Libra will dance back and forth to maintain the appearance of serenity while simultaneously expressing an underlying irritation.  Libra’s can have a tendency lash out in a calculated yet concealed manner, if their opinions or desires have been dismissed.  The Libra has an innate dislike of overt arguments but the suppressed emotions can ultimately bubble to the surface. 

My Birth Chart Energy

Most of the aforementioned is true of the typical communication style of Libras in the face of confrontation.  Libras with the mix of the Scorpio energy, meaning, planet Mars and Pluto lingering around are totally different in our approach of communication than a typical Libra.  Speaking of communication I would be remiss not to mention my Mercury(Communication) in Scorpio (Mars/Pluto), and my 3rd House(Communication) holding Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune placements.  In this post, we will discuss the former and how Mars, Pluto, and Scorpio affect my communication style in the face of confrontation and gets me into “trouble” with people who don’t know me well enough.  The 3rd house energy will be discussed in a later blog post.

First, let’s discuss these planets and zodiac signs and how their energies will relate to communication by itself. Let’s start big!  

Mars. Big King Energy!

Mars is the planet of aggression, leadership, and war just to name a few.  Mars is a quick moving planet.  The planet Mars is the ruler of (gives energy to) the one and only, Aries (The God of War) zodiac sign.  Mars has a large ecliptic orbit and being very close to the Sun, it gives Mars a bold fiery energy.  Think, King Leónidas of Sparta… that’s Mars.  Just imagine King Leo having a confrontation with you… what energy do you think he would omit?  That aggression you imagine is the energy Mars brings.

Not Very Venusian. 

Mars energy is about action, anger, arguments, aggression, forcefulness, and turning force into action.  Mars energy is not calculating, except, the moments its pure animalistic instinct kicks in and Mars is locked in on a prey/victim.  Mars attacks are swift quick and land every time.  In confrontation, it’s like coming face to face with a wild bear.  You want to look like as least of a threat as possible.  The moment Mars feels threaten, it goes into War Leader mode automatically.   It’s best to not to let it get to that point. 

Pluto’s Energy

Then there is Pluto.  Pluto is dark, cold, and extremely far from the Sun.  It’s the planet of death and rebirth (The Underworld/Hell), the subconscious, crisis, anything deep covered or hidden, and the shadow side of oneself.  Pluto’s energy is the ultimate transformer.  Plutos’ eras brought atomic bombs, social transformation, a stock market crash/economic depression, organized crime, Hitler/war, and the AIDS virus; complete chaos.  All that, and it was “discovered” less than 100 years ago in 1930.  Think of the mythological Phoenix bird that bursts into flames, dies, and rises from the ashes reborn.  That is the power Pluto brings.  In confrontation, you must know, Pluto’s energy has the power to Phoenix the giver or the recipient with the information communicated.  Did I mention Pluto is named after the Underworld and the Roman God of the nether regions, Hades?  

And we come to Scorpio.

We all know a Scorpio.  If you think you don’t, just think… Who do you know that can be a bit eccentric or mysterious?  Do they sometimes throw stones and… or stir up confrontation?  Do you not know as much about them as they know about you?  Do you know them but still feel like you don’t know them at the same time?  Are they interesting and fun to be around when they are not in an emotional state? Do they fall into an emotional state easily and frequently?  Are they family oriented?  Are they hard-working when it comes to a goal?  Can they be possessive or jealous?  If that person fits most of these, they are probably a Scorpio or have big Scorpio placements.  Think… Dracula.

Astrology: signs zodiac, Scorpio. Coloured

The zodiac signs Scorpio and Aries were once under the energy pull of the War Leader planet itself, Mars. Aries (Masculine, Fire, Cardinal) and Scorpio (Feminine, Water, Fixed) were always at odds and just couldn’t seem to share Mars.  They fought about it all the time.  Of course, Aries would win.  Then, the planet Pluto was “discovered”.  Scorpio got tired of losing and took up a home under the energy of the dark and dank planet, Pluto.  The “new” planet was not yet explored, so Pluto was mysterious, small, slow, and deep out in the depths of space, this was fitting for Scorpio.  Scorpio didn’t even bother telling Aries about the move.  Scorpio enjoyed having that secret and being able to use Mars at times for the benefits of the Sun energy.  The chaos Pluto brought with it was comfortable for Scorpio.  Pluto was gifted to the Scorpio zodiac sign, allowing Scorpio to utilize the energy of the Pluto or the Sun at need.  Aries was happy with this, he got to be the main ruler of the energy of Mars.  He was satisfied being number one.  The energy of Scorpio is mysterious because of the (now) ruling planet Pluto’s energy, as well as, the undercurrent of the God of war and aggression, Mars.  You never really know what you will get with Scorpio energy. *I made up some of this story to make it interesting but most of it is true.  Research Pluto being discovered in 1930 and Scorpio zodiac once being under Mars’ rule.

Why does all of this matter?

I am a peaceful, loving, giving, non-confrontational Libra, most of the time.  Most of the time, my go-to is consideration for the feelings of others.  At times my empathy for others supersedes my grace for myself in that moment. I have learned to recognize it and readjust even if that means that some of my “yes’s”, turn into “I know I said I would but I won’t be able to…”.  With my typical “agreeable” disposition(Libra Ascendant/Rising), to the untrained eye or if you don’t know me, you might assume I am always that way. Unfortunately because of expectations, I end up being the “bad guy” the moment I confront someone about something.  This does not always happen.  It is more frequent with people who don’t know me at all or people who probably believe they know me better than they actually do.  

My communication style, although riddled with aggression, darkness, chaos, Blah, Blah… is a dark storm, well anchored by the Goddess Venus.  Unfortunately for others, there are times when not even the beauty and charm of Venus can hold back the rage of The God of War, Mars.  Or if Pluto decides to show up, expect a rebuttal of fighting words (not by me) because people can’t handle the truth. The times when Venus will step back are when war is waged and include, but are not limited to; when someone is endangering me, my family, my comfort, something like that.  Then you as the recipient do not know what will come about because Mars and Pluto are present.  With Pluto you never know what will happen, just know it will be catastrophic.  Mars is allout war.

Imagine being asked by Venus, the Goddess of Love, to come to her office because she wants to talk to you about something that has been on her mind.  You agree and go to the office to meet her.  You think, “This will be simple, she is always so nice and approachable.”  You walk in expecting to see Venus and speak with her, but fair and calculated (and pretend aloof) Venus invited her on again off again aggressive ex-boyfriend Mars/King Leónidas and his creepy weird friend Pluto/Hades.  You are shocked and surprised,  but decide to stay and hear what she has to say.  Venus is not being her normal usual easy-going talkative self.  She is being direct, blunt, and the patient undercurrent is gone.  Venus’ soft inviting smile and sensual relaxed demeanor is nowhere to be found.  The truth hurts and she is deeply pulling your cards right now.  Then out of nowhere Mars and Pluto join the discussion a because they don’t think you are taking Venus seriously.  And ALL Hell breaks loose.  

Love or War

In my chart, Mercury(communication) is in Scorpio(Mars and Pluto, again).  This means in matters of communication with me, you will get King Leo and Hades with Lady Venus’ typical energy taking a backseat, at first.  KL quickly jumps into action because he always has to be first, and he is direct about it.  He is tired of Venus’ diplomacy, being a yes man, and a pushover.  Then Hades slowly enters, slowly causing more confusion, and uncovering the unseen.  Then KL and Hades start to disagree on the approach.  The two can’t seem to get it together and the lovely Goddess Venus steps in again with the lady Libra and her scales to access the situation and make the best judgement on how to precede.  Does the Lady Libra and Venus take hold, or will they allow the wrath and catastrophe of Mars and Pluto to wage war?  The scales, in the end balance each situation and access them accordingly. And this happens for every single confrontation I have.  I mentally process confrontations before I make my approach.  The outcome can be Love or War.   

How Not to Respond

When my calm and peaceful Venus nature steps aside, it’s for good reason. Libras are inherently peacemakers, so if we are acting other than it is because someone has overstepped a boundary. Libras are known to give chance after chance if the charge is not something too serious. We are even known as pushovers to some.

When I confront someone, first of all, its because I care; Its a fair warning. I would ignore the problem, if I don’t care enough. If I take the time to speak to you, you can trust I have already thought about how my words might land, how you might respond feel or react, and the best way to deliver my concerns without hurting you. The reason is because I care about how my words make people feel. These instances are not the time to get defensive nor to live in a state of denial. Also, if I am wrong (will all are sometimes) I am the first to admit it. On the contrary, if you listen with an open mind, it is possible to transform yourself in a positive way.

Some Famous Libra-Scorpio Cuspians

Snoop Dogg Oct 20,1971

Kim Kardashian October 21, 1980

Libra Scorpio Cuspians Video
Libra Scorpio Cuspians Explained Full Video


In an exchange or confrontation with me, a Libra/Scorpio Cuspian you are always or potentially dealing with the energies of Venus and/or Mars and/or Pluto (The God of Love, The God of War, and The God of The Underworld). Initially you meet Venus (Libra Ascendant and Sun Sign), a breath of fresh (Air). Most people are not aware of the possible storm (Mars fire and Pluto water) in the background.  It is not until the exchange is over do you notice the stinger of the tail of the scorpion in your chest, and how much you have been hurt by this exchange.  The justice of the Libra is different from the Scorpio in that way.  The Libra will win fair and square, the Scorpio will win by any means necessary, even if it’s a win by a stinger sneak attack.  

You might think the Libra/Scorpio as simple minded but that would be a mistake on your part.  All of these energies mentioned earlier sit closely behind the charm, grace, and perceived “pushover” personality of me and my Libra makeup.  So be careful because you never know who will show up to the meeting. 

I have had many years of allowing my rage to win.  In my past, I have been vindictive and revengeful.  I have cut deep knowing what I said would hurt.  I now know I would rather feel satisfaction because I expressed myself in a healthy way and my words were communicated effectively and efficiently to promote growth, than to feel the satisfaction of hurting someone on purpose for no good reason.  Now, the stinger is only used in the faced of immediate danger.

If you have had any type of confrontation with me as a person who is or was in my life and you believe you knew me well, and you have experienced my stinger (especially recently).  I hope reading this gave some insight into part of my energy makeup.  Also, take some time to reflect on you and how you show up in this world and to others.  Know Thyself.

This was a free dive into a part of my birth chart and my explanation of how some of those energies play a small part in my daily life.  Check out some of the other videos and blog posts about zodiac signs, planets, birth/natal charts, and Astrology below.  I hope you enjoyed.  

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